As shown on this website, my background is in both traditional and computer art.

As a youth I attended art school in Italy for six weeks and then pursued an Associate's Degree from the Community College of Allegheny County, in Pittsburgh, PA.

In addition to creating several traditional projects from paintings to stain glass and woodburning, I have worked on computers since the earliest days of the Apple Macintosh. In fact, I demonstrated Macs for Apple Computer for awhile.

I have produced every imaginable type of digital art for all types of printing, from silk screen to offset, from stationery to national catalogs. In addition I've created web images for Blair Corporation's website, and used Site Manager software to add data and create drop down boxes and other features for that site.

Through the years I have worked in just about every major graphic arts software available, especially Adobe products. In some cases I worked with the very first version of the software, or in once-popular softwares, now extinct, such as Ready Set Go, using just about every version of operating system Mac has ever developed.

I have also worked on PC computers, with servers, with digital asset management systems, and with a variety of printers, scanners, and backup storage drives.

I've held membership in two separate Mac User Groups, and have been an employee and/or freelancer in the print trade for about 20 years.